Speedtest.net compares your internet connections using Telstra, Internode, Yes Optus, and Vodaphone servers. The test itself is quite straightforward. It pings, and then simply tests upload and download speeds for each provider. The results may not seem to vary much, but you can learn a lot in the comparison with best average speeds.

Using ADSL 2+, this reviewer got a consistent speed between providers, varying a little but not much, and averaging 6.15mbps. That number is compared with a global average of around 15mbps and a national average of about 12.5mbps. This iffy result was achieved using a reasonably fast, reliable custom clone PC running 3GB RAM.

Speed does matter. Studies have shown that users won’t wait for websites to load. Slow speeds are also one of the biggest issues in professional and commercial networks, and Speedtest.net does give you the answers you want.


Getting your results

The test requires you to create an account to see your results, click a confirmation email, (the email arrives instantly) and then check your results. It couldn’t get much simpler, and you get a range of comparisons to work with.


  • Each provider and compare times
  • Check global average and national average

The comparison for most home computers most likely won’t be flattering. The fact is that most consumer level computers aren’t in the top range. You can use the result as a good rule of thumb for providers and that alone makes it worth doing.

This test is useful even if you’re not technically inclined, providing:

  • Clear results for each provider option
  • Simple testing procedure
  • Giving a comparison between server performances
  • Telling you that you have a problem, if you do

Use speedtest.net as a good basic overview. If it tells you that you have a speed problem, you do.

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