How to pick an ADSL provider

ADSL is now the benchmark standard for internet services. Internet service providers (ISPs) promote their packages competitively, but how good are they? There are a few good, reliable ways of picking an ADSL service.

Criteria for picking your ADSL provider

You need to see a few basic characteristics from your provider:

    • Connectivity: Even today, dropouts and downtime are problems. Consumers don’t appreciate dropouts, particularly if using wireless technologies, mobile broadband, iPads, or tablets. Check ISPs for any consumer complaints about downtime or loss of connections.
    • Speed: Speed varies, a lot, and the actual ADSL speed is usually slower than the advertised speed, not real time. You do need higher speeds, but the proof is on your network. If you’re a business, your network’s size may slow the speed noticeably. Even the length of the wire connecting a hardwired modem has an effect on speeds.
    • Prices: Packages can be priced very attractively with a lot of features or just basic no-frills plans. Forget the sales talk, focus on comparing values. For ADSL, a good standard package should be competitively priced and offer a few extras.


  • Support services: Both customer service and technical support need to be considered when comparing ADSL providers. You need 24/7 services, and you also need a highly responsive result to your issues. Support should be fast and competent, fixing your problems. Also consider waiting time while evaluating ISPs for service quality.
  • Web hosting and email: These valuable services may not be included in some plans. They may be separate, adding costs to your basic plan price. You need to check the total price you’re paying for everything you need.
  • Compare package values: Some ISPs are much better than others at similar prices. If you’re also including a phone as part of a package, you’ll soon see which are offering better value for money.

Be fussy, be patient, and compare your ISPs thoroughly. You’ll save money and get a much better ADSL plan.

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